Laura Drexel

Laura is the founder of Right Angle, a consultancy that focuses on innovative business strategies to support organizational need for change and growth and brand optimization. Leveraging her broad network of relationships, Laura was instrumental in developing N3, Right Angle’s unique approach to building and navigating the optimal partnerships necessary to drive success for their clients.

Laura has diverse business-development experience spanning more than 35 years, having served as Principal and Advisor in highly competitive sectors, including the telecommunications, technology and healthcare payer verticals. She has helped clients build, evolve and maintain brand image and perceptions as well as assess, understand and evolve current corporate cultures. Her work in brand-image evolution and cultural transformation has led to innovative strategies, designed to drive positive financial ROI and the equally valuable “halo” of favorable social and community commentary.

Laura has helped develop unique strategies to guide CEOs and their Boards to raise awareness and support various components, including fundraising, corporate and foundation relations, leadership and governance recruitment, stakeholder outreach, business development and brand visioning.

In addition, Laura has extensive non-profit leadership experience, having identified innovative pathways to fundraising, including leveraging the arts as well as music as catalysts for change. Her achievements include facilitating large corporate in-kind contributions and leading multi-million dollar capital campaigns.

In addition to her leadership role at Right Angle, Laura has worked with a Fortune 50 managed-care company and their selected Health Plans. She has lead a community health and economic development where she identified and recruited the necessary partners that could positively address each of the social determinants of health (SDOH) that are at the heart of the community’s growth challenges.


We help organizations and brand owners solve challenges that can constrain growth and diminish shareholder value including environmental, social, and governance, corporate social responsibility, or diversity, equity, and inclusion.


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