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Our Process

We use a battle-tested approach that makes it easier for our clients to address complex issues.  

Across our global network, is a shared adage — we never prescribe before we have thoroughly diagnosed. So, generally, our first step in working with a new client is to identify the root cause of their challenges. We then crossmatch the consulting services and data science solutions that will have the greatest impact, cause the least disturbance to people and process, and provide the highest benefit relative to the cost of deployment.

Diagnostic Methodology

IDENTIFY Hidden Organizational Challenges

To identify the often-hidden aspects of organizational challenges, Right Angle uses Lyrical AI solutions to detect and predict otherwise invisible causes well before they can become noticeable and acute. 

It’s been our experience working with hundreds of leaders across dozens of industry sectors that while senior leadership is most often aware of and concerned by the problems they can see and feel, it’s the underlying causes, which can exist undetected in the organization for years.

Organizational pain generally falls into two categories:

  • Symptomatic – noticeable problems for which there is moderate to high awareness and among leaders

  • Asymptomatic – problems that may at first be unnoticeable but are often the underlying cause of one or more of an organization’s challenges

Interest, Readiness, and Impact assessments

Assess your organization’s readiness to address challenges that inhibit your GROWTH

For leaders who have a general idea of the nature of their challenges but require more in-depth diagnostics, we use human factor analysis augmented when needed with Lyrical AI solutions to provide an Interest, readiness, and impact score (IRI) approximating the organization’s overall readiness to address challenges inhibiting growth.

The IRI process combines both human factor analysis and machine learning to determine the level of widespread interest to address challenges, the readiness of the executive workforce to begin the transformation process catalyzed by AI and finally we quantify impact defined as the economic benefit of addressing the challenges in the short, medium, and long-term timeframe. 

And for acute people challenges of a particularly sensitive nature, Right Angle offers the option of covert organizational assessments including confidential people and process audits to determine causality and constraint without requiring or generating widespread knowledge of our deployment.

With you step by step, start to finish

Comprehensive post-assessment ROADMAP

Following the initial IRI assessment, our consulting team works closely with the client to develop a comprehensive post-assessment plan and success implementation roadmap documenting scope, budget, time, as well as the estimated cost-benefit of each element affording our clients a clearly defined step approach to Right Angle’s consulting process from start to finish. 

Right Angle’s consulting solutions range in cost and complexity from single sentiment reports, and custom dashboards to full design and implementation of bespoke AI solutions that drive and syndicate data-derived insights across the enterprise and its external take-action partners.

When the demands of a project require a multi-disciplinary consulting approach, we have access to the full range of consulting and advanced data science resources of our global network of world-class consulting organizations totaling over 3,000 consulting professionals in over 20 locations.


We help organizations and brand owners solve challenges that can constrain growth and diminish shareholder value including environmental, social, and governance, corporate social responsibility, or diversity, equity, and inclusion.


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