About Us

Right Angle is a strategic consultancy group that develops unique pathways and innovative initiatives for companies to realize their full potential for growth.

Backed by a diverse team of collaborators with expertise in key areas of business and political arenas, Right Angle leverages its broad network of relationships to achieve client objectives with a new angle on creativity and strategy.


We live in a world where complex challenges call for innovation and fresh thinking to help companies achieve their goals for growth and advancement.

Our Origin

Right Angle was born of the recognition that formulaic approaches to these challenges are not enough to succeed and thrive in today’s marketplace.

Especially now, as change pervades every aspect of our lives, imaginative and collaborative business solutions are needed to break through and rise above the less-than-inspired “been there-done that” sameness of strategies and tactics we see too often.

How we work

In developing the optimum solutions for our clients, Right Angle leverages the power of imagination, the expertise of its associates and the breadth of its network of relationships to deliver multi-faceted initiatives that soar above sameness and yield results greater than the sum of their parts.

In geometry, right angles are definitive and exacting; in architecture, they are strong and steadfast; and in sailing, they deliver the most powerful direction a vessel can harness.

Our name has meaning

We took the name Right Angle because we are all of the above, but – like the sail of a schooner that faces changing headwinds – we are flexible as well, responsive to necessary shifts in strategy, approach and implementation as conditions warrant.


Laura Drexel

Laura brings over thirty years of senior advisory experience to her leadership role in providing objective and insightful counsel to Right Angle’s clients. She has served as a national relationship partner for several global companies and has led cross-disciplinary projects that have included strategy, branding, finance, governance, economic development and corporate philanthropy. Right Angle clients benefit both from Laura’s wealth of knowledge as well as access to and collaboration with the world’s most influential leaders in the public and private sector. Her work in brand-image evolution and cultural transformation has led to innovative strategies, designed to drive positive financial ROI and the equally impressive social and community commentary. Laura also serves as a valued subject matter expert to engagement leads across the Right Angle network on projects involving healthcare, corporate social responsibility, and corporate philanthropy.

Atif Bostic

Atif is a seasoned consulting professional whose career has concentrated on commercial banking, community, and economic development, workforce development, business development, and transformation. Most recently Atif has been working to solve complex diversity, equity, and inclusion challenges for RightAngle’s clients chairing the firm’s Chief Diversity Council, a community of practice comprising senior diversity leaders from a cross-section of global brands and working with D&P’s Lyrical team to create Aperture, an enterprise AI-solution that measures and optimizes diversity and inclusion measures to create more welcoming workforces.


Cynthia Brinkley

Charles Cairns, MD.

Ed Whitacre

Sam Patterson

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships"


We help organizations and brand owners solve challenges that can constrain growth and diminish shareholder value including environmental, social, and governance, corporate social responsibility, or diversity, equity, and inclusion.


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